Chemical Biology (Biochem704) (Buller) Fall 2 cr
Structure and function of proteins; nucleic acids and carbohydrates; application of organic chemistry to problems in cell biology. Prerequisites: Biochem 501 or equivalent, 1 year of organic chemistry and consent of instructor.

CBI Colloquium (Chem890) (Blackwell), Fall and Spring, 1 credit each semester Student trainees present research to peers. Principles of key discoveries at the chemistry-biology interface. This course is required of all Chemistry-Biology Interface trainees. See current syllabus here. Prerequisites: Grad standing; consent of program director.

An approved scientific ethics course 1 cr (once during training period)
View the list of approved RCR-Courses (.pdf).

Chemical Biology Seminar (Chem/Biochem945) (Blackwell) Spring 1 cr
Recent published research in chemical biology and related areas. Intended for advanced graduate students, and required of all NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Trainees. See current syllabus and schedule. Prerequisite: Consent of instructors.

Trainees also participate in a 12-week industrial internship, as well as training in science communication and statistics for biomedical researchers