Trainee Nomination

A new call for nominations will be advertised to our trainers and within participating departments when openings are available. Students are usually appointed for two years of funding at the end of their first year of graduate studies. We encourage first-year graduate students of all backgrounds and abilities with interests in chemistry and biology to apply.

For Currently Enrolled Graduate Students

Nominations will be accepted during the month of April and reviewed for a July 1 start date.

The trainee nomination form will require the student to provide his or her undergraduate GPA, a list of chemical biology-related classes taken as an undergraduate or graduate student (with grades), a list of graduate classes taken at UW (with grades), and to upload of a statement of purpose in PDF format.

CBI Trainee Nomination Form, Student portion (Google Form)

The mentor portion of the nomination form will require the upload of a letter of nomination and a copy of the graduate application form of the nominee, both in PDF format.

CBI Trainee Nomination Form, Mentor portion (Google Form)

The UW-Madison Chemistry Biology Interface Training Grant is supported by NIH grant number T32 GM008505.