Industrial Internship

Each trainee participates in a 12-week industrial internship. Below is a sample of internship sites.

Argonne National Laboratory
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Cargill–Applications for summer internships begin in September, and on-campus interviews are usually in early October
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Vertex Pharmaceuticals–positions post in December for summer positions. See also the University Relations page for more information
Illumina–positions post in October on the careers site for the following summer.

Comments by former CBI trainees regarding internships:

“By far, the most useful aspect of the program for me was the internship. I had the opportunity to investigate a new field at a national lab, and this effort has and will continue to enhance my career. I built very good scientific contacts during the internship, expect to complete two publications with my internship mentors, and, subsequent to the internship, was able to commence a hot new research project in my own lab. I would not have been able to do this easily without the CBI program.”

“The opportunities for exposure to research outside of your field, learning about how research is done outside of academia, the chance to learn new techniques, and (not least important) the chance to network and meet people that you would never get to know during a typical graduate career make the experience invaluable for a young graduate student.”

“The internship was an excellent experience for personal growth. I gained invaluable research experience different from that in my graduate studies and gained a new mentor who is already helping me further my career.”

“An internship gives you the opportunity to briefly move away from your own little world (in my case my lab bench at UW), merge/mix with the broader spectrum (new technologies, different approaches to problem solving, etc.) and come back with a new view of things, not to mention that the connections you make are guaranteed to help you along the way. As you can imagine I had a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”

“It is a chance to develop new skills, broaden one’s research horizons, and , probably most importantly, to network extensively outside the university.”